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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:47 pm

Basic Set of Rules to Be follow on the Forum

1) Do not make a topic about something that has been done before.

2) Do not spam a topic just so you can get your point across, or spam create a topic multiple times, it will get you banned from making any for a set period of time and will make your opinion lose credibility.

3) Do not double, triple, etc. post, we have an edit button for a reason, use it. Double posting means posting something, and then posting something again after it without any person making a response before hand.

4) Do not flame a person's topic just because you don't like them, it annoys all of us and will result in you losing the ability to post anything if it get's out of hand.

5) If your gonna make a topic have some type of good reason, if you post some random crap or if it breaks a rule, prepare to have it deleted and your warning raised.

6) Only Admins, Forum Moderators, the person who makes the topic, and witnesses are allowed to post in Player Reports/Ban Appeals, anyone else will lost their posting ability for that day

7) Do not make any comment in a GM application that is not relevant, or does not give specific evidence to approve or disapprove of said person becoming a Mod, will result in deleted post.

8) Do not post any picture showing ANY type of nudity, whether it is censored or not, this includes pictures of breasts, reproductive organs, or anything that is sexual in reference, including pornographic sites or posters.

9) Do not post a ban appeal without following correct format

10) Do not post any movie clips/Gifs in your signature, your avatar, or in your posts. For people with low preforming computers it lags the forum becoming an annoyance to everyone.
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Forum Rules
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