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 Vince's Admin Application

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GFX Team
GFX Team

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PostSubject: Vince's Admin Application   Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:48 am

Name: Vince
In-Game Name: Vince
Key Assigned To The Position: Vincent3151992

Why I should be given this position: Why shouldn't I? I know alot about the game, I help almost all of the new players, can be online at anytime (Within reason), and I don't abuse powers.

Résumé: I've been Co-owner on a GOA rip that's down now due to lack of players. Was admin on a few Pokemon games along with a Bleach game (They aren't naruto but they still count lol) All around, I'm perfect material for any position on the NSO team and I'm pretty sure most of the players can vouch for me as well.

P.S: I'm also working on making everyone forum sigs and avatars.
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Vince's Admin Application
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