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 Strength -> Tai Def; IP -> Nin Def

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PostSubject: Strength -> Tai Def; IP -> Nin Def   Sat Jun 21, 2014 8:19 pm

Don't really have a suggestion about Genjutsu yet, because it would be tricky due to most Genjutsu not being damaging.

But basically, I think every 100 Str up to like 5k str should give 0.1% Tai damage reduction, and the same for Intelligence Power -> Nin damage reduction. Could lead to some tactical additional effects and such being added to jutsu, like DR piercing on certain nin techniques/tai techniques.

Reason 5k was my idea for the limit is that would run you at about 50% DR either way, so you don't over-reduce the damage. Also it gives Single-Focus players a clear disadvantage in given scenarios, prompting some to choose diversity over focus unless they're extremely confident in their ability to avoid techniques.
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Strength -> Tai Def; IP -> Nin Def
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