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 Version 1.1 NSO

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PostSubject: Version 1.1 NSO   Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:35 pm

Hi guys so as most of You know, I've been working hard on making this update. Here is a few things that will be added in this update

-Hairs fixed
-Chuunin exam updated
-Added Kunai Melee for Str users.
-Squads fixed
-Banks fixed
-Elemental Weapons fixed (Merged Chakra)
-Clans fixed
-Promotions fixed (Genin,chuunin,Jounin)
-Added a few new jutsus (Doton,Fuuton,Katon)
-HP/Chakra starting off is 10k hp and 20k Chakra
-Last Man Standing fixed and other events !
-Added a few new clothing
-Mouse over pointer depends on village now
-One big multiverse arena
and other small little buffs and nerfs with items and other stuff Smile !
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Version 1.1 NSO
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